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Monday, November 24, 2014

Its time for a drink...

After a long week, or just a long day, it's a time that one must unwind and sit back. Go ahead, kick off your heels and lay back on a cozy chair. Now, make sure that sex slave of yours gets you that drink, a white wine perhaps? Or, maybe something stronger? Yes, you sit back, in your fur boa and dress, and look back at that slave of yours. Its 1924 and prohibition still runs the land. Of course your a lady that is making her money running a supper club and a whorehouse. And, that means you've got a lot of dough, which is how you were able to get that sex slave of yours. You open your legs and he's trained to know just what to do. You sigh and relax as you think only about the orgasm you're about to have.   ; )   dR

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Deep in the coat closet...

Yes, go ahead, take that selfie. Why not, right? There you are trying on your mother's chinchilla fur jacket. You look around at all the other furs, the fox coats, mink jackets, the sables, there all in that closet. It's so enticing, isn't it? And, who can blame you. Try on another and take a selfie. And another until you've tried all of them on. A fur collection does sound nice. Well a girl's got to start somewhere. Enjoy my dear, enjoy.   ; )  dR

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A tribute to...Morganna, The Kissing Bandit...

And here is a list of Major League baseball players that she kissed:

Len Barker, Johnny Bench, Clete Boyer, George Brett (twice), John Candelaria, Billy Cowan, Mark Fidrych, Steve Garvey, Frank Howard, Fred Lynn, Don Mattingly, Wes Parker, Lance Parrish, Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan, Mike Schmidt, Dickie Thon, Otto Velez, Steve Yeager
...and the San Diego Chicken!  

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Menagerie Part 2

We continue with the fantasy of the mistress ensconced in her long, thick fur coat. Now outside on the grounds of her huge estate; taking a walk to one of the follies in the lush gardens. Here she has encountered a blonde and redhead slave that watch over the main entry. Of course, they are not there to stop someone from going in, heaven's no. Like the posts they are attached to, they are there like the posts itself, like mere furniture or in this case, two statues that  guard any bad spirits from entering this folly. Note, their bowed heads to their madam - a very important trait if these slaves are to live another day.   ; )  dR

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A view of the city...

It's wonderful to have a view of the city. A place to look out and reflect on things. You sit there and think how well you've done for yourself. Allowing that wonderful man to take you in as his mistress, you know, his concubine. His wife doesn't know about you, hell she doesn't even know about the apartment. But of course, this man treats you well, you are, how we say, taken care of, yes? I mean, look at how you are dolled up - perfect face, perfect hair, the makeup, the fur coat. He even paid for all those operations to turn you in from his best friend to his best gal. So my dear, look out at the city and be thankful for all you've got.   ; )  dR

Friday, November 14, 2014

To be sent back in time, to another place, and as another gender...

Yes, I  know you boys have all had those wonderful thoughts of being a sissy and ~gasp!~ of being a woman. But, have you had those thoughts mix with a sense of nostalgia. Wanting to go back to another time, such as the 1950's say or to another place and another person. Imagine being in Hollywood or maybe even Paris and being a model (like the young lady above). And imagine being a model, not only of women's lingerie, but of furs as well? I suspect that such a lovely dream is worth dreaming for all of us sissies and women out there. Oh, and the thought of serving our man, husband or boyfriend just gives one goose bumps all over. Don't wake me up!   ; )  dR

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A classy broad...

A classy broad; a dame - and a good looking one at that. Just like in any of those wonderful movies during the 1940's a gal was a gal, a broad was a broad. I suppose it was a certain type of affection for a woman - and classy was the underlying thought. Words that were echoed from the mouths of Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart, "Girls are girls, women are women, but a classy broad is a classy broad."     ; )  dR

Monday, November 10, 2014

She's thinking about smothering you in furs...

You signed the contract, became her fur slave now your mere existence as being her sissy fur slave continues. She looks at you, after having your cock in chastity and a thick, long plug shoved into your ass; after being gagged in the mouth, and wrapped tightly in mink fur from head to toe, she stares at you. Like a piece of sculpture, she wonders what to do next. You, as the slave, as the submissive fur slave can only guess, is it in her eyes? Yes, yes it is, she is going to smother you in a multitude of furs. The thickness, that heavy chest, the hotness, and that feeling of not being able to breathe; she's going to do it, you know it, it's in her eyes.    ; )   dR