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Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Newlywed

 Oh yes, there she is, the gal that you married. Stunning, pretty, innocent, and as natural as they come. She's what you look forward to coming home to every night and she loves you to death. Still young and ready to go she puts on that fur trimmed rove that you got her for Christmas. Lucky you! Based on the way she's treating you in the bedroom you'd better save up some money for the next gift that she'll love. How bout a fur length blue fox fur coat? Or, maybe a sable fur coat? How about a chinchilla jacket? Trust me, if you get her one of those and the honeymoon may never end!   ; )  dR

Thursday, January 29, 2015

My fascination with twins...

I have always been fascinated by twins. I'm sure many of us are. But Madam Devilla had to go out recently and get herself a pair. The young lady in the left photo is Cheri, the one on the right is named is Sherri. I have, on purpose, dress them exactly alike - from their white fox fur hats and jackets to their corsets and stockings. They wear the same chokers and are made up exactly the same. I had them go through some cosmetic surgery to bimbo them up a little more. Enhancements were made to their lips and their bosoms, but as you can see they are still very much identical. I know what you are asking, "How can you tell them apart Madam Devilla?" Well, I had a tattoo artist write their names on the underside of one of the folds of their labia. But, I assure you that they have been trained well and neither one will misbehave. Oh, and if one does, the other will get punished. Honestly though, they're are like two kittens and I let them have free range of my estate. They really are lovely to have around and I recommend you get yourself a pair.   ; )  dR

Sunday, January 25, 2015

You have two coices my dear...

You really are a stupid little man. Did you think that you could really get away with embezzling almost a ten million dollars from a business that I own? No, because you thought there was a board to the company you thought you were safe. But, you did not  know that this company is still privately owned. It is in the hands of one person. And, that person is me. It really is a good thing I had my people investigate and find you and retrieve the information that got me back my money. Of course, there won't be a court date or trial. Having you tied up like that, bound in some of my fox furs is so telling of how weak you are. Now you have two choices. Choice one is that I turn you into a fur sissy maid that will become my slave-servant for the remainder of your life or I take this gun and put a bullet through your head. Your choice my dear. Your choice. What's it going to be?   ; )   dR

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's not the worst place for her...

...I mean for a cell in my dungeon, the accommodations could be much worst. In here, she is like a fine diamond in a jewelry store. I get to look at her and show her off to my friends such as you. Isn't she just perfect. And, when I need to do something with her I can and with all the drugs she's been given, the brainwashing, the training, well she is only more than too ready to serve me in how I see fit. Would you like a blow job from her? She'll do that and much more, believe me. She is fantastic when it comes to just about anything regarding sex. Just say the word.  ; )  dR 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chinchilla delight!!

I have put a lot of pictures of women and transgendered women in fur - over a thousand in fact, and I don't think I have commented on the right fur for the right lady. The equivalent to pair fine wine with the right food, furs - the type of fur and the article of clothing can be perfectly matched with the right lady.  Let's take the young woman above. Gorgeous, voluminous blonde hair is paired perfectly with this chinchilla jacket. The idea of long hair and a short length jacket is a perfect juxtaposition. I'm sure you're saying, "But Devilla, what about the colors. Wouldn't a more striking darker color such as a blank mink create look best on a women with blonde hair? Now, I'm not going to argue the point, but if we take a look at the chinchilla fur, with all of it's range of grays from dark to light we find that the jacket becomes dark enough overall to be in direct contrast with blonde hair. I mean, it certainly isn't white, like a white fur fox, I think that we can definitely agree on. So my dears, if you buy a fur do think about contrast, about type and see what looks good on you. In the end fur is fur and we love them all. That's why we have our fur fetishes in the first place.   ; )  dR

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What a wonderful surprise in the elevator...

Imagine, an elevator. Such a ubiquitous mechanical device in our everyday lives. Its sole purpose: to bring one up and down in a building. Typically, we share it with strangers; sometimes co-workers; and other times just by ourselves. But, there are those times - in between the cracks of reality and our wet dreams where we can imagine a wonderful and lovely surprise as a gorgeous woman in a fur coat. Ready to be simply -fucked and willing to stop that elevator so that something truly wonderful can happen. What will you do if you see a wonderful surprise in the elevator?   ; )   dR

Thursday, January 15, 2015

She has an innate desire to be ensconced in fur...

Some of us do. Especially, those of us that admittedly have a fetish for fur and fur coats. We want to be wrapped up tightly, we want to be bound, we want to be encased by fur. I suppose self-evaluation as to why one would want to be bound by such a mere thing such as a fur - but it is the relationship between submissive and dome that we are really after. Fur becomes the material that gets us there, to be dominated or to dominate. Well, I could analyze this all day, I suppose. Maybe in the end, we each have our own reasons to be ensconced in fur.  ; ) dR