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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Wanton lust in fur...

She's got that look in her eye again. You know that look. It's the one you've seen before. The one that says don't stop and you obey. It's the one that lets you know that she is inhabiting that carnal lust. The one that sees you as one big cock. The one that just wants you for your body. The one that will make her orgasm. That's right, you are just one big fucking dildo. Reduced to a thing. She needs to use you and, of course, you'll let her. And after it's all done, if your lucky she might let you make breakfast for her. Otherwise, its time to leave my dear - until next time.   ; )  dR

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Look her in the eyes...

That's right. Look into her innocent eyes. Try to lie to her now, go on. Of course you can't do it. You'd be a fool. Look how pretty she is. Not a blemish on her face. Her hair is gorgeous and she is wearing that mohair fur for you. You love mohair and have a thing for it, I know it. She knows it. Now why don't you suck on her sweet cunt and make her feel real good and maybe you'll think twice of lying to her and more about how you could treat her better.   ; ) dR

Friday, September 26, 2014

Darling, do you have a light?

Sometimes we look back at the past and think about the things that are long gone. Chivalry, a way to treat a woman, especially a woman of elegance and beauty seems to have all but gone. And, when a woman asked or needed a light for her cigarette, there was always a man in the room willing to provide one. Maybe someday there will be a return of such things - an appreciation and respect even; but, until then society will just have to wait.   ; )   dR

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Classic 5th Avenue in style...

Oh, the elegance of NYC in the 1950's and the modern day woman - at least for the times as they were. Walking down 5th Avenue, especially during the holidays must have been such a thrill. The heyday of this hi-class shopping mecca and all that it produced. Wealth, style, elegance - it was all there. And many times you would see the girl-next-door redux; a designer-name brand hat, Chanel #5 perfume, gloves for the hands, pearls, and fur of some sort - whether it be a boa or a full-fledged fur coat. The whole package, when put together made walking through mid-town a wonderful affair.  ; )  dR 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Classic porn magazines and the tradition of showcasing fur....

There was a time, not too long ago into the past, when porn stars and porn magazines were the beginning and the end for seeing beautiful, naked women; for getting a man's libido going; and for giving him something to jerk off to! But, times have changed and magazines gave way for videos, which gave way for DVD's, and now most porn is obtained via the internet. I'm not here to give you boys and girls a history lesson, but it is a good time to reflect upon those days of old and how prevalent fur and fur coats were showcased in those magazines. Just look at the covers above and you see what I mean. Fur was front and center, it was grandiose, and it was in vogue most of all.   ; )  dR

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A little fur is all she needs...

Lets face it, your blonde, your in great shape, you have a decent size bosom, your legs are sexy and when men (and women look at your face they think, "She's gorgeous!" So what's a sexy women with everything going for her do when she wants that added advantage in the bedroom? Why, some fur of course. It doesn't take much, maybe a boa or a wrap and it doesn't even need to be real. But what it adds to your already perfectness is a sexiness that cannot be described so easily. Maybe it is a sense of sophistication? Or maybe that feeling of being wealthy and famous? Whatever it is, having some fur in your life will add that feeling of decadence that you want in your life. Besides, your worth it.  ;  )  dR

Friday, September 19, 2014

Does the fur jacket make the woman...

 ...or is it the woman who makes the fur jacket what it is?

...does she work that fur for all that it has to offer?

...does it define who she is?

...is she the woman that she wants to be? ...and does it make her feel sexy?
; )    dR

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happily ever after with furs...

Where would she be without her furs asked the young lady to herself? She had grown up on furs since she was a little baby. They were everywhere in the castle that she lived with her step-father. Every time he went hunting, he would bring back more furs, so that meant that the young lady would get more of them. She had so many furs that her favorite pastime was to spread them all out in her bedroom (which was in a tower at the very top). She then would cover herself up with some - on her body and on her legs - on the rest of her naked body until she felt sleepy and took a nap. Her step-father has not allowed her to leave her bedroom and he enjoys watching her as she plays with her furs. Of course the young lady loves her step father and she likes it when he watches her play. With all the things she does for her step-father the two seem to be living happily ever after.   ; )  dR

Monday, September 15, 2014


Well I though I would mark another milestone to my wonderful followers and all of those who view this website as well. 350,000 page views! A time span of almost two and a half years, and spread out over 907 posts, Devilla's Fur Fantasy World is certainly becoming a reliable source for those who have a fetish for anything fur. We are trying to maintain the quality you expect and we take the time to give some sort of write up and at least every other post. Yes , you love the pictures, but you also love the fantasy. And where would Devilla's Fur Fantasy World be if we omitted the fantasy? 

So, as I have said in the past - tell your friends, become a follower, participate and come back and again and again. Not only will we be happy that you did, but I, yours truly, will be feeling completely orgasmic knowing that you returned to me, your true fur mistress!   Love you all!!!     ; ) dR