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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What a gorgeous slave you have...

Master: Yes, she has been transformed into a doll-like creature who enjoys being swaddled in her furs like this.   

Friend: She looks lovely.

Master: Well yes. Nothing but the finest, most fluffiest furs for my best slaves as they do perform very well for me.

;   ) dR

Thursday, September 4, 2014

NYC and Times Square is the backdrop...

Slave: Mistress, where are we?

Mistress: We are in Times Square little one.

Slave: Where is Times Square?

Mistress: In New York City.

Slave: Oh. I like all the lights they look so pretty just like you. So why are we here?

Mistress: Didn't I tell you last time not to ask so many questions?

Slave: Yes but -

Mistress: And do you remember what I did to you as punishment?

Slave: Yes but -

Mistress: And if I hear another word out of you I will blindfold you. If I do that, you will not be allowed to look at me; at my tits, or the fur that I'm wearing. Do you want that?

Slave: No Mistress.

Mistress: And if you keep this up, when we get back home, I will have Nurse Brady give you one of those special shots. The one you don't like.

Slave: Oh no, Mistress not the one  that will shrink me?

Mistress: ~shakes her head yes~

Slave: But I'm 3'11" as it is. I can't be any smaller.

Mistress: Then stop asking questions.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is luxury at its finest...

This is for all you men out there, from Devilla to you. The scene is obvious. You own a $900,000 sports car, maybe its a Porsche or a Bugatti. Let say it is even a one-of-kind automobile and inside is a high performance girl friend. Hot and sexy, just like your car. She knows how to treat you right. She'll suck your cock on a whim and when you ask she'll even fill up your car with gas. What can be better than that. This my friends is luxury at its finest.  ; )   dR 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

She is breathtakinly gorgeous...

Some women, like the young lady above just have that look; the overall package; that whatever you want to call it - gorgeous, stunning, amazing, whatever. Whether in a photo or in person they just take your breathe away. It makes one ask, "How could she look like that?" Is it the long flowing perfect hair? Is it those gorgeous big eyes? Or those perfect lips? Is it what she wears? Or, is it just something you can't put your finger on? Like fairytale princess' and divine Hollywood legends they are the whole package wrapped up in one. They are the perfect model and the perfect woman that some aspire to want and some aspire to be. Breathtakingly gorgeous is a very high compliment for any woman to have bestowed upon her. Let us raise our glasses to them.  ; )   dR

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sweet Lorraine!

Yes, there she is. You know that girl from 6th grade class, remember? Lorraine was her name. She had dark black hair, short. She wore glasses and was so flat-chested, c'mon you remember. Well Lorraine is all grown now. At 34 DD - 22 - 34 she went out and got herself a boob-job, colored her black hair and turned herself into a platinum blonde bimbo. Now Lorraine no longer is the wallflower bookworm that you remember. Instead, she looks for cock 24/7 and thinks of fondling as one of her pastimes. She is built to fuck and will do so at will. Now don't you feel bad for making fun of her back then?   ; )  dR