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Saturday, August 23, 2014

The big Russian fur hat...

Don't you just love a big Russian fur hat? One that is nice and tall and is made out of white fox fur? It gets even better when you pair it with a white fox fur coat. And it gets even better when the woman wearing those lovely items is a  redhead, would you agree? Oh, and having this lovely redhead lounge around in just her bra and panties and you help define another visual of what is sexy. How lovely a sight that is. Again, wouldn't you agree?   ; ) dR

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fur Advertisement # 1

I thought, from time to time, I'd find a good advertisement for fur and showcase it here on Devilla's Fantasy Fur World. As you can see, most of us would never dream of pairing hydrangeas with furs, but in the advertisement above for Premium Furs and Fashion, they have done just that. I love the flower myself, but have never quite thought of being ensconced in them and certainly would never make a connection to fur at all. Obviously, the ad company that did this saw that and for my money it looks like it works.   ; ) dR

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Furs, furs, furs...

Furs, furs, furs!!! What a proclamation! What a dream come true. Ensconced and covered in every type of fur coat from fox to sable to mink to any and all that are made. The feel on you, yum! The thought of being enslaved in it and buried in it - oh such possibilities for ones libido. Enjoy the fantasy, enjoy.    ; )  dR

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sissification anf fur fetish, the cartoon...

It's not often that we do things other than photos here at Devilla's Fur Fantasy World, so when I found the above cartoon, I could not resist. It has an interesting style that appeals to me and the caption was perfect. Forcibly being sissied by a wife, girlfriend, even one's own mother is very powerful. And, that comes across in this cartoon. The wife in a very subtle way is adding more and every turn to make her husband a sissy (note the lipstick and the glove with hearts on it, and the fur-lined boots. I would imagine that some of you out there would love to be in his predicament. Am I right about that?  ; )  dR 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tribute to Tara Emory...

Tara Emory, a tribute. A relatively famous transgendered model, blogger on the Internet, and having her own website, I find Tara to a brave lady in pursuit of her dreams. Along the way, and in the sample photos above, she has an obvious inclination toward wearing fur, whether fake or real. For that and being out there with her continued metamorphosis into a woman, she garners a tribute from Devilla's Fur Fantasy World. Here, here and cheers as we lift up our glass!   ; )  dR

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Perfect in just about every way...

Perfect hair. Perfect lips. Perfect eyes. Perfect boobs. Perfect legs. Perfect color of hair. Perfect derriere. Perfect lingerie. Perfect stockings. Perfect cleavage. Perfect heels. Perfect length of hair. Perfect position. Perfect gloves. Perfect skin tone. Perfect body. Perfect fur throw. Perfect model. Perfect, perfect, perfect.   ; )  dR

Monday, August 11, 2014

Friends and furs, a perfect match...

What can we say, furs and friends do make a perfect match. Yes, you love furs and you are building your collection of hats and coats and wraps and what have you. But to have a friend who has a love of furs, well that is quite special. Going to furriers with a friend, having a small party and try on each others furs just makes your love of fur exponentially better. Maybe a third friend would be nice, or even a fourth. With enough friends, you'll have club of sorts. Put on a small fashion show, drink your wine, and have a party. With fur as the focal point of all your attentions it could lead to other things.   ; )   dR

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A position worth being in...

Oh yes, placed on my hands and knees by my lover, forced on to one of my furs, wearing some fur too is just yummy! And, the anticipation of your lover placing his cock (big or not) up your pussy or like me my sissy-pussy can make any girl wet. Being controlled, feeling his body slap against your derriere....words cannot describe - all I know is I feel that chill up my spine and then I find myself moaning and wanting more.   ; ) dR

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Beauty, style, and grace transcends all of time...

It is so true. It doesn't matter what year, or what decade, or what century a woman is born in. Beauty, style, and grace do transcend all of time. Think about Cleopatra, think about the girl who was used in the painting the Mona Lisa, think about the model Evelyn Nesbit (look her up), and think about Marilyn Monroe, and think about Angelina Jolie. All share a commonness and a recognition by others during the time period in which they lived. They epitomized what is was to be a woman with an air of distinctiveness; to be trendsetters, and to become a woman who was extraordinary in every way.   ; )  dR