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Thursday, April 24, 2014

I want to be like my Aunt Tess...

Oh Aunt Tess, I want to be just like you, pretty and blonde when I become a woman. I want flowing hair like yours and have perfect lips. I want your gorgeous eyes and your non-stop legs. I want a derriere like yours and a shape that says, "Never quit." And, oh do I want to be able to get the men that you get. Those handsome men with big cocks that I love so much. Oh Aunt Tess, how I want to be exactly like you. Love, you always!    ; )   dR

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



Alaska, the last frontier in America and a place that I came to a few years ago. In my travels I came across Sheridan, this fine redheaded filly who stole my heart and made me a happy man. We live in a log cabin together and live good, productive lives. And, at least a few times a week, Sheridan fancies her wonderful lingerie and fur collection and plays model for me. By the time she finishes her show, we both fuck like bunnies in layer upon layer of soft fur. That's my life and is it any wonder why I love Alaska so much?  

- From A.B., Talkeetna, AK

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hmm, what shall I do with him?

Nobody ever double-crosses me my dear; not you, not anyone. Did you really think that under my employ, you'd get away with embezzling my money? Hmm, I see two choices for you. One, I can have the boys take you to the lake and take you for your last swim. Or two, you can allow me to feminize you and make you my maid. It's your choice my dear, your choice. Oh, and don't think that if you pick the maid option, that you'll get away that easy. After we get you fully feminized, I'm going to allow five of my boys to sodomize the hell out of you for starters. You're going to have a lot admirers, lots. I'll make sure of that.    ; )   dR

Friday, April 18, 2014

Undeniably mistress, undeniably submissive...

What can one say when a mistress, any mistress has been placed in bondage of some kind and forced to be submissive? Obviously, something her own slaves cannot witness, dear God no!! But, this is what happens when a mistress has a master. A strong master, who at times, can put her in her place. She may rather enjoy being positioned like this. Maybe her master needs to give her a good fucking with his big cock and that is surely not going to happen with the mistress on top!  So don't be surprised if your own mistress answers to another. She'll never admit it to you, not in a million years. All you need to know is how strong she is for you and that she will make you the submissive sissy that YOU need to be.   ; ) dR

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Look into my eyes and follow me...

Yes, that's right, look into her eyes and follow her. Can you do that? This is Samantha. She will take you to a place that is quite unforgettable. A place where wet dreams are made from. A place that is consumed by happiness and fulfillment. A place that you'll want to go to and never leave. So follow Samantha, she will take you there. Now once you there, many things will happen to you and you will have to let them. Trust us, it's all for the better. You do want to make yourself better too don't you. Let Samantha take you there. Yes, changes, many changes will happen to you now follow your libido, think with your cock, we'll do the rest, you'll see.  ; )  dR

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Let me drink in her beauty...

...and have my eyes quench their thirst for a lady who is from lady who is replete with fur from her neck to her ankles....   ; )   dR

Monday, April 14, 2014

You can't stay out there...

Come, come, you can't stay out there. Come inside and I make you warm, no? Yes, of course I will. The fireplace is on and there is plenty of food and drink. You look famished. Or is it the drink you need? I suspect you need both, no, of course you do. Oh, I see you staring at my wonderful breasts. Now I know what lost man needs. Yes, I do. Well, why don't Elsa get two vodkas and sit us down on fur rug by fireplace. I take off you clothes and give you wonderful breast massage. You feel so much better. Elsa will have to keep you for the night. No, Elsa can't let you back out there, not like this. Now come, come inside.    ; )  dR

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A young lady from a by gone era...

The young lady above sort of reminds me of someone's mistress; someone's lover. It's the 1920's and the man who she dares to consort with is a very rich man; a sort not unlike Jay Gatsby. Here in the photograph above, she waits for her lover as he has needed to place her in this leftover room in his mansion. Why must he do such a thing you ask? Well, for one thing, they have just had sex together, downstairs - in the parlor, in the kitchen, in the drawing room and suddenly an uninvited guest ha arrived. Could it be the rich man's wife's sister? Perhaps. If so, he can not take any chances and have his lover found, so for now she hides. Still in her fur coat; in her heels; with her pearls still on; naked. She looks out the window, a contemplative face, wondering about this man and all of his riches. Is it worth it? How must his wife feel? Maybe she too is unfaithful to her husband? Maybe.     ; )   dR

Friday, April 11, 2014

Here's what I want you to do with him...

Take him down to the dungeon, have him wrapped in the straight jacket and pants. Make sure all the padlocks are on, we musn't forget them. Then, I want him placed in a hole and have that hole filled with quick dry concrete, past his mouth and just under his nostrils. Once that is done come get me and I will go visit him. I want him to understand that his life is irrevocably changed forever and that he is dealing with me now. His life is over and he serves me and me only.  I will probably keep him in the hole for about a week. Then, after that time, we will extract him from the hole and his training will begin; that's assuming he has accepted his new station in life. If not, well, it will be such a shame what will happen to him next.   ;  ) dR

Thursday, April 10, 2014

250,000 Page Views!!!

Well, here we are again -- a recognition of another milestone! Thanks to everyone for all of the times you have come to my blog to visit! 250,000 page views certainly says that someone enjoys viewing a blog dedicated to women (and transgendered women) in furs of all types. For those of you with your fur fetishes I say thank you for being so special! 
A quarter-million page views represents 750 posts. This averages to about 334 views per post. That's up from 308 views per post at 200,000 page views! 
A special thanks goes out to Bunny, Tim, Doug, Ian, and someone who refers to themselves as Anonymous Thanks to the five of you, I get some feedback, which is positive and that is enough to keep me continuing this blog as I do. Your words are very special to me.
Anyway, thanks again and I look forward to the next 250,000 views !!   ; )  dR 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

There's a special gift in the elevator...

Oh my dear you know how I love you so, don't you? You have done so many unselfish things for me. You have been a wonderful friend. Now, it is time for me to reciprocate. I want you to call up the elevator to my penthouse. When the door opens, you will see a special gift inside. It is yours for the night. Do whatever you'd like with your gift. Enjoy it to the full extent. It is my way of saying thank you to you being such a good friend.      ;  )   dR